Submitted on Report , September 1, 2020
A recent analysis by IUCN has identified clear synergies between the Bonn Challenge voluntary commitments and the targets countries have already set or are setting under the Rio Conventions on Biological Diversity, Climate Change and Combating Desertification.

The report provides a snapshot of how 6 countries have prioritised the restoration of forest landscapes to boost ecological and human health. Stories told through communities, NGOs and governments show the significant impact created through the Bonn Challenge, calling for increased commitments and action to reach the 2030 target of 350 million hectares under restoration.

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Submitted on Report , December 18, 2019
The workshop on Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) and the Bonn Challenge in Eastern and South-East Europe took place on 16 and 17 December 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting was attended by 40 participants, including government representatives from Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Republic of Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Slovenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.
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